Friday, June 29, 2012

Mia is sick! :(

Our little Boofy is in the wars again. She appeared to be fine this morning, but by lunchtime, her left eye was weeping and she was sneezing up a storm. I know these symptoms all too well, I recognise them from when she was a kitten... the dreaded cat flu! Looks like the poor thing is having a flare-up. I'm not sure what may have triggered it this time around. I'm hoping she'll kick it fairly quickly and she won't get as sick as the first time. Poor thing! :( Other thing that has me worried... If Angel's never contracted the feline herpes virus, she's a prime candidate for it now, with Mia being highly contagious. That would mean two sick cats to treat at once! Please spare a thought or a prayer... They're my fur-kids and when they get sick, I worry just as much as any mum.


  1. Healing and health to your two fur-babies! (((Mia and Angel)))

  2. I didn't know cats could even get flu! Love and hugs and best wishes for Mia to get well quickly.

  3. Thanks guys! She's feeling a bit crappier today. Her eyes is really weepy and she's sneezing up a storm. No point in trying to mitigate the contagion... I'm 100% sure that Angel is also a carrier. These guys eat, drink, sleep, groom and play with each other all the time. I'll keep you posted about the Grey Nurse and the White Pointer.


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