Friday, June 01, 2012

Diptych is done!

Finally... Today, amidst battling a bad bout of lurgy, I managed to drag my sorry carcass to school and finally finish my still-life diptych. I'm not one for abstract/modern art, but I must admit, this was fun to do! Sorry about the quality of the pics, folks... It was taken on the fly with my iPhone (I was dying to get myself home, at this point). The photos don't give the paintings due justice. I kept the backgrounds quite mat in appearance for a specific reason... If you look closely, you'll notice a bit of white "graininess" in the photos. That's because the bottle, the glass and the bubbles are quite shiny thanks to the acrylic binder. What you're noticing is the reflection from the fluro lights above.

Rock bottom - 680mm x 800mm (26 3/4" x  31 1/2")

Bottoms up - 680mm x 800mm (26 3/4" x  31 1/2")


  1. I had no idea what a diptych was until I read the link! :) Nice job my friend - I like the way the bubbles on the black look concave and the ones on the other look convex.

  2. Ditched... no! Just me being slightly 'tarded and overwhelmed and losing track. Sorry about that. :(

    The colours are so fun... now I feel thirsty. Are those circles actually painted? Wow.

  3. Thanks soulsis! :) That push-and-pull effect is caused by the darker and brighter colours. I'm having fun learning about how to "play" with colours and use them to create certain effects.

    Yup! Those bubbles are painted on, Carrie. Notice the word "pain" in "painted"? LMAO! Yeah... They were quite an adventure to render on the canvas. :D Cheers, matey! **clinks glasses**

    By the way, guys... I "made" both of those canvases! THAT was cool! Now I know how to make my own from scratch. Better than the crappy warping store-bought ones that are made in an overpopulated country that shall remain unnamed.


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