Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cat hair!?

I sure hope you like it if you visit us. It's in everything! Feel free to sprinkle some more in if you like.

Whatcha talking about, mum? I have no idea how it gets into your food."


  1. Hehe, she looks very comfy ;)

    On occasion I get a little white hair in my food and wonder how on earth it got there. Thinking about it, it probably fell off my clothes as I am often covered in Ruby's little white hairs.



  2. And that's why they call it FURniture. :D

  3. @ Ariel
    In your case, you get black and white hairs from Ruby's coat... Just tell your guests it's salt and pepper. ;D

    @ Carrie
    LMAO! Good one! :D


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