Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Caviar does it again!

This little Aussie mare is simply unstoppable! She flew over to the UK to be part of the Diamond Jubilee stakes at Ascot, and she won... Just! You'll see in the clip, the jockey eases up on her at the last minute. He nearly screwed up, thinking he had it in the pocket, but watch the French horse make a move on the inside... He never saw him coming. Lesson learnt. Still... It made it all the more exciting. Dave and I got up at 12:30am last Sunday to see it live on t.v., and it was worth it. History in the making... New world record; 22 undefeated wins in a row! How many horses (or mares) can claim that!? Way to go girl!!


  1. I bet I have family back in England who had bets on that. Never got into it but I'll have to remember that name, just in case. ;)

  2. D and I aren't hardcore punters, but when it comes to illustrious events such as this one, we just can't pass on it. :)


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