Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More invaders!!

Hey snoozer? Wakey wakey!!
Ants aren't the only critter that have invaded our home... Remember Stewie!? Turns out SHE has returned and has moved in... In our downstairs ceiling! We kept hearing strange scratching and scuffling noises each time we went there and wondered what the heck it was. That's until Dave shone a torch through an opening and spotted her. She is HUUUUUUGE, and for good reasons... We reckon she's very pregnant and she's started building a nest in there. So instead of being ruthless landlords and simply evicting the little family out into the cold, we decided to give her a friendly alternative... A properly built possum box which we hung in our golden-rain tree. We got the blueprint off the internet. We strategically placed some food in the yard, near the tree, and in her new home. Fingers crossed she will adopt it and stay outdoors. Will keep you posted.

She is HUGE!

Here's your new home, big girl!!


  1. Keep us posted on where Stewie decides to take up residence (looks like a very nice condo you bought for her :) ).

  2. Aww, cute possum :) I hope she moves into her new home soon.



  3. Hey, I didn't realize you were still blogging! Hello!!! :) Glad I looked back through my list and popped you back in where I can see you again.

    That's so nice that you've set up a proper home for them. Sa-weet!

  4. Thanks guys! Looks like Stewie confirms the old Aussie saying "stubborn as a possum!" Unfortunately, we'll have to start blocking off the holes in the wall, one by one. Hopefully, she'll get the picture before she gets totally ousted. :(

    Nice to see you dropping in, Carrie! :) I thought you'd ditch me! ;)


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