Thursday, April 19, 2012

I stepped into the Twilight Zone!

If you think the serendipity ends with this reading, think again! This experience left me uplifted, healed, purposeful, and it totally rekindled my love of astrology.

tumblr_lzrv6dYGTA1qmmb4to1_500Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while. I have been INCREDIBLY busy with school, home and other hobbies… Namely, astrology. This last Tuesday, I went to see a professional astrologer to have my sky chart interpreted. What made me pick her over another was the fact that she lived close by and was certified by the QFA (Queensland Federation of Astrologer), but little did I know that serendipity had a greater part to play in all of this. There are a myriad of different kinds of astrologer (so I recently discovered). Many are traditional, others are more modern, and some add recent astronomical discoveries to the chart-making. This particular lady is not only a qualified astrologer, but she specialises in the Black Moon Lilith aspect of a natal chart. When I stepped into her reading room, I noticed a small statue of La Vierge Noire (The Black Virgin) of Rocamadour, sitting on what I take was her altar. “Hey! The black Madonna!” I exclaimed. She turned around with her jaw open and froze for a few seconds, “you know about her?” she asked.

“So I should, I’m an artist/sculptor”, I replied. “So few people know of her!” she said. But the real clincher was when we addressed my chart. She couldn’t believe it, and neither could I! As it turns out, Yours-Truly not only has Lilith in the first house, but it is literally SITTING on my ascendant line! In layman terms, you cannot get a stronger embodiment of the Lilith energy! “There are very few of us that work with the Black Moon in charts, and here you are, with Lilith figuring prominently in yours… And you found me. Fancy that!”

The reading she gave me was astounding; revealing, enlightening and so very empowering. I got to see not only my pitfalls and weaknesses, but also my strengths, my skills and my gifts; the things I tend to overlook because of my crippling low self-esteem. I got to see and understand why I have such a hard time valuing myself and this, in itself, helped me regain my power. A sky chart is like a map or a mirror… It rips away at all the programming, the masks, the negativity, and the superficial, and it exposes the REAL you, the essence of who you truly are! Your warts and beauty spots are there to see, side by side, without judgement.

She also did a transitional chart of my recent past and near future. It is no wonder my life has been so topsy-turvy in the last few years; Saturn (the challenger) has been wrecking havoc in my 4th house (home and domestic life) while Uranus (the rebel) is opposite my natal Uranus… In essence, a midlife crisis, a need to reassess my life-path. I guess my return to the art world was “written in the stars”, so to speak. Once Saturn is done “mowing” down my self-imposed restrictions in the 4th house, it will move into the 5th house… The house of creativity and the arts!!! And also, Uranus will be transiting in my 10th house… Work and career!!! Folks… I kid you not! We’re talking the next two or three years, here. By the sounds of it, I’ll be a busy little bee. Smile

If you think the serendipity ended with this reading, think again! This experience left me uplifted, healed, purposeful, and it totally rekindled my love of astrology. I want to learn everything about it so I can help others as it has done for me. So… I set out to enquire how one becomes a professional astrologer. I found an association in Queensland and sent them an email, asking where one can study astrology? Are there teachers? A school perhaps? While I was at my art class today, I happened to check my mail on my phone. I had received an email from Jeanni Monks, a lady that lives in our area and that teaches classes and gives seminars on astrology (the vice-president of the association had forwarded my details to her). “Oh great!” I said out loud. “What’s great?” my teacher asked. I then told him about my interest in astrology and how I was looking into taking classes. “My wife’s an astrologer” he said. “She could teach you, but obviously not now, since she’s looking after our newborn… But there’s this really nice lady that she knows that can teach you. She actually taught her. Her name is Jeanni Monks!” Disappointed smile !?!?!? My jaw just dropped!! I couldn’t believe it! To those of you that do not believe in fate, beware!! When it hits you upside the head like a brick, you can’t help but grab your head and say “Ow! WTF was that!?!?” I just got a double-whammy of it.

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