Monday, March 19, 2012

Seasonal changes

I AM BACK!!! I finally recuperated my internet voice last Friday, and not a day too soon! I was starting to have withdrawals... Not only from browsing and whatnot, but I was seriously starting to feel morose and lonely due to the isolation. This enforced solitude did inspire me to get back in touch with nature. These past few weeks have brought many seasonal changes... Changes I had never paid attention to until now. For one, the temperature has dropped at least 5 degrees on average. The winds have increased and changed direction. Our golden rain tree has flowered and is now heading towards the fruiting period. This is also the first year we will reap the rewards of planting a few turmeric and ginger roots (thanks to hubby's aunt). I did a quick watercolour sketch of them a few days ago and went back to take a pic this morning. The turmeric's central flower is actually a cluster of little calyxes! How sweet is that!? :) From what I read online, we need to wait for both the ginger and turmeric to look scraggly and yellow before harvesting the roots... That's when it is at its peak. If the harvest yields a decent crop, I might plant a few more roots for next year. Will see how it goes. Can't wait to see what lies beneath the soil! :)

Derwent watercolour pencil sketch
Wow! Have a look at it now!

We were also graced with the visit of a great cattle egret.


  1. Such a lovely drawing! You have so much talent in capturing an image...


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