Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don’t argue with a wolverine!

LMAO! Laughing out loud



  1. Too funny! My evening reading has been "Behavior of North American Mammals," and some of it is fascinating. Did you know female opossums have two uteruses, and to compensate, the male has a forked johnson?!

  2. OMG! No! I had no idea! I know that most male reptiles have two johnsons but a "forked" one in possum!!! I had no clue!
    Wanna hear a funny one? Remember my "Animal Shaman Vision" cards (the deck I gave you a few years ago)? I've been reworking it for myself and adding new cards... Guess who I was adding to the deck when you posted that comment up!? LOL! Yup! Mr. Johnson & Johnson. :D
    Somehow... That just changed the medicine for that card! LMAO! I'll be posting up the newbie cards as I go along. Stay tuned!


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