Saturday, March 31, 2012

What a “shocking” day!


It can get quite rowdy and infantile at times… Little did I know how bad it was going to get!

It’s no secret to those that know me well that I’ve recently returned to art school. I hadn’t stepped inside a school for years, let alone fill in the “student” shoes. It had been many years, and I was quite pleasantly surprised at myself and how patient and congenial I’ve become over the years. I use to be so shy and self-conscious. I guess age brings out compassion as well as a nonchalant attitude. Honestly, I really don’t care what anyone in my class thinks of me, students nor teachers, but I don’t mean this in a nasty rebellious way. The last two years have been a personal epiphany for me and brought me much healing in the self-esteem and self-acceptance department. For one, when anyone asks me “what do you do for a living”, I boldly reply “I’m an artist”, and leave it at that. No sob story of not having a job or not being recognized for XYZ.

So I’m very happy with art school. It gives me a creative outlet and I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with other like-minded people. Makes me realise that I’m not the only “weirdo” with a skewered take on life! But as I am not the most social person, it’s still demanding for me to constantly engage people in conversation, and most days, I come home feeling exhausted and mentally drained. The teachers, at times, can be quite challenging and demanding when in comes to our work, but when it comes to general banter and chit-chat, it’s the opposite. Very congenial, open-minded and non-judgemental. With students, they are flippant about the work, but the gossiping!!! My gosh! Then again, the average age in our class is 20 (me being excluded). It can get quite rowdy and infantile at times… Little did I know how bad it was going to get!

This last Thursday, I showed up at class at my usual earlier-than-required time of 9:00am. Classes only start at 10:00am, but I like to catch up with stuff and do the extra yard so I can go home early. I’m much more productive and efficient in the morning, and I tend to crash and burn after lunch, so it makes more sense for me to get that extra “oomph” in the morning. The day proceeded as it normally does, with some students arriving ahead of time or just on the button, and most others showing up late. Our teacher had us straight into work and I was more than happy to comply. Remembering how harrowing last week was in the noise department, I opted to bring my headphones in with me on that day so I could listen to music while I painted. Good thing too, as I missed out on a lot of the verbal diarrhoea that was being flung across the room while the teacher was in the class next door, particularly between two of the students. Because I was way ahead in my work, the teacher saw fit that I could leave home early in the p.m. Good thing too, as I missed out on the whole “Days of Our Lives” drama that ensued after my departure.

Apparently, the verbal brawl that had taken place between the two students was over a “zapping” incident that involved a homemade taser gun. These things are illegal to own and carry in Australia. They are considered weapons on the same level as guns and you need a license for one. To bring a homemade one to school is akin to bringing a knife or a gun… Stupid, immature, irresponsible, dangerous AND law-breaking. What happened next was apparently nothing short of a drama you hear in the news… Crazy student flashes the taser at other student, student runs out of classroom terrified, teacher steps in and gets threatened by taser as well, police gets called in and student gets arrested! Somehow… I’m glad I finished earlier and missed out on this whole drama, but now, I’m a bit concerned about going to school. I was told that taser-kid has been banned from school, but if he’s stupid and crazy enough to bring an illegal weapon to school, flash it around proudly to everyone and even threaten folks with it, what else can he do? I love my art classes, but I might have to consider investing in a self-defence one as well. What a messed up world we live in!


  1. Hiya,

    Glad to hear that you had already left for the day when all the drama happened! Goodness. Was the student with the taser from another class?

    Hope you are having a good weekend.



  2. No, he was from our class, which makes it even more scary! I even befriended the guy in the hopes that I could help him deal with all his trauma, fear and anger issues. I guess he's beyond a "friendly ear"... He needs professional help! :(

    Hope you and Ruby-Dooby and doing okay! Avagoodwon, luv! (((hugs)))

  3. Good grief, I thought just the US had nuts in colleges that went around doing crazy stuff! Poor Dave is not going to know what is going on when he gets back to class! (Or is he already back? What a "welcome back" that would be!) I would hope that the college is taking precautions about him possibly showing back up on campus. And if he did come back, I can't imagine him trying to hurt the one person who tried to be friendly to him! :)

  4. David's coming back next week (we have this week off since it's Easter). I think none of this crap would've happened had he been there.

    It's just as nutso here, soulsis! And bullying is a BIG problem too! Some kids end up killing themselves because they are bullied beyond endurance. :( It's really crazy!! Geesh! And I thought my adolescence was hard!

  5. Howdy,

    It really is getting worse, adolescence that is. When I was at school I got the occasional teasing and things being yelled out at me from across the playground. But it is nothing like what kids go through today, poor kids :(

    One of the things I was called was "Hippy" or "Neil" (as in Neil from The Young Ones) because I used to walk around Mosman (a very posh suburb) with no shoes on, long hair and long skirts. The funny thing was the kid that did that years later asked me out on a date! Of cause I said no!

    Little Ruby is doing very well, yesterday she was running and jumping around the backyard. This little dog never ceases to amaze me!

    Hope you are having a good day.



  6. Yeah! Like I was saying to my sister this morning, "whatever happened to pulling pigtails in the courtyard when a guy liked a girl? Now, they chase them around with tazer guns to get their attention!" Crazy world we live in!

    As for Ruby-Doobie... That dog should have a statue erected to her name. Never have I known such a tough little cookie! She really embodies the meaning of "the bitch doesn't give up easily!" :) LOL!


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