Tuesday, March 20, 2012


nosestudYesterday, I went down to the mall to get a haircut… Well, more like a tidy-up trim as it wasn’t very long, but given that short hair need more regular maintenance than long one, I was overdue. While I was there, I finally found the courage to do something I’ve been wanting to do for years… I got my nose pierced! Yup! My nose has now officially joined my navel in the “branded club”. The lady that did the work was awesome! She was very quick and efficient (didn’t even take a minute) but also quite gentle. This was nothing like the torture I endure with my navel… I seriously didn’t feel a thing! Just a little sting, no worst than giving blood. I must admit, it is a tiny stud, so the needle she must’ve used would’ve been equally small. Two drops of blood and that was it! I now have to keep it clean with a spray to avoid infection. So far, no itch, no heat, no swelling! The hole should be healed in two weeks time, but will take as much as six weeks to “season up”. Only after six weeks can I take it out to change it, should I wish to. And what did hubby say when he saw it? “Well… I guess it’s okay. It’s small enough.” **Sigh** Eye rolling smile Dear hubby! Glad it got your seal of approval.

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  1. Hi Carole,

    Your new piercing looks great. I used to have my nose pierced. I actually had it done twice in the same spot which was a bit of a mistake, very ouchy having a needle go through scar tissue. I had to take it out for work unfortunately. Shame really.



  2. Thanks hun! It's already pretty much healed... I don't even feel it's there anymore. Wow! This was so much less drama than the navel!!
    Ouch! Yes... Trying to re-puncture scar tissue is quite daunting!! **shiver** :(

  3. I've never had anything pierced but my ears - mostly because of what Ariel said (jobs). No tattoos either. I think I was in the wrong generation for these kinds of things - lol!

  4. It's a shame that our society has such preconceived ideas about body art. I still remember my mum dragging me to the jeweller at the age of 8, kicking and screaming, because she wanted me to get my ears pierced! That was seen as acceptable by society, even though at that age, I didn't want a bar of it! I've seen very young babies with their ears done!!! I find THAT disturbing! Body modification art should be an adult choice, and it should be respected as such.

  5. Now THAT (making it an adult choice) I completely agree with!


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