Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wyvern is DONE!!! :D

Just in time before my classes start, too! It's proudly hanging above my computer, inspiring me to persevere with my art studies. Welcome 2012, the year of the Dragon (or wyvern... depending on the number of legs!) ;)


  1. Hi Matey,

    Looks great! Excellent little video as well :)


    Ariel xo

  2. C and I are THOROUGHLY impressed! (Now that she's a Skyrim devotee I knew that she would be more than interested to see your project!) I do believe you should get two awards for the wyvern - one for producing such a marvel and one for the patience required to do so! What do the cats think of it?

  3. Thanks guys! I poured my little heart and soul into this one. Can't say I'm not proud of it, but there's always room for improvement. ;)

    Bev, Angel doesn't seem to care for it, but Boofy has a fascination for it... Not afraid, but mesmerised by it. It's quite funny to see, actually!

    When I get some time between school assignment, my next paper mache will be a gargoyle! That should be fun to make as well. Stay tuned! :)


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