Monday, February 20, 2012

Thou "art" busy!

Sorry guys... Been busy with school, homework, housework and yes, other extra-curriculum activity. I recently bought myself some watercolour pencils and have been having fun with them. Perfect medium for me; joins together my love of coloured pencils and watercolours. They work like regular pencils, but add a bit of water with a brush and presto! They blend like magic! I wish I'd had these pencils when I did my Celtic Ogham portrait of the birch tree. Would've saved me a world of time and pain!

Here's a little sketch I did in my art journal. These are leaves from some unknown tree at Nudgee Beach. I liked the way the morning sunlight made them appear yellow and translucent.

Early morning light at Nudgee Beach


  1. Nice to see these "up close"! They look great.:) Do you blend several colors to get the color you want? And do you "paint" water over all of it, or just certain sections?

  2. Thanks B! I've yet to master the use of this new medium, but for the most part, I do blend some colours together to get the one I'm looking for. As for mixing them with water, what I did here is scope out where the different tones were, colour them in, and then fade them out with water, blending the edges together as I went along. A lot of it was trial and error.

    My next goal is to make a colour swatch so I know the exact colour of each pencil, and even perhaps some colour-mix swatches. My teacher taught us that. :) It's fastidious, repetitive and boring, but it saves you a world of pain once it's done. You know what colour to use and which to blend to get the one you're looking for.

  3. I could see how the color swatch would be VERY helpful. That's a great idea!


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