Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Derwent swatch

Here is a swatch of my Derwent watercolour pencils kit. Applying the colours "dry" and adding water give two very different tone. As I am planing on using them with water, it was important for me to make up a swatch of the actual "wet" colours. These are pure colours, straight from the pencils, but many more swatches can be made up by experimenting with different colour overlays... The possibilities are endless.


  1. That is so neatly done, it looks straight out of an instruction manual! Did you print out a sheet and then do the swatches on it? I can see how that would be very helpful.

  2. Thanks hun! :) I printed the layout sheet in Open Office and then coloured the areas in and washed them out with a wet brush.
    I think I may do a few more swatches of colour combos, like primary and secondary colour mixes.


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