Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Slow but steady

Well, tomorrow is d-day for my CT scan. It would be such a relief if it was simply a fluid-filled cyst that could be drained out like my breast cyst. Let's hope so. Wish me luck!

As for my wyvern, the progress is slow but steady. I've managed to bulk up and shape the neck, define the muscles in the front arms, add a tongue, work on one of the hind legs and finished the digits of the wings (I used normal paper strips for those as the clay wasn't adhering properly to the thin rounded surface).

Wyvern speak with fork tongue!

All that bodybuilding is finally paying off! Muscles are bulking up!

Hmmmm... I'm missing claws!


  1. I have a feeling the muscle you're bulking up is your "patience muscle;" so much detail over such an extended period! But your attention to detail and patience is having quite an effect on the sculpture - it's looking GREAT!
    Sending love, positive thoughts and a huge hug for your doctor's visit.

  2. Thanks hun! :) I wish I was as patient when it comes to illnesses. I am NOT a good patient! LOL! :D


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