Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Minutia pays off

That's it! I'm done with the detailing. Now... On to gluing the claws and horns.

Hubby reckons he looks fierce.

So much work... So worth it!

Gave the tail end a bit of a scorpion stinger look. ;)

Two halves are not 100% even, but close enough for my liking.

Check out those pectorals! Power package! LOL! :D


  1. Amazing how such little details can change his appearance. I'm with D - he looks fierce!

  2. The Dremel work was nothing... The "real" fiddly part is coming up... Gluing the extra titbits and painting it. *SIGH* Nearly done! :) How appropriate that I should make this wyvern in the year of the Dragon.


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