Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Work in progress

I've been keeping busy with my wyvern sculpture these past few days... Trying to keep my mind off this annoying lump in my throat. I've decided to work in steps; first step, the head. Here's the progress so far. The horns and teeth are made of FIMO polymer clay. Still lots of work to do! Heck! He needs a tongue! LOL! :D Adding textured scales to this fella is gonna be bloody murder!!!

Don't mess with this guy! He's got the evil eye!

You don't wanna be looking down that end!

This is my better side! Smile!


  1. Wow, adding horns, teeth and eyes have made him go from looking like someone's pet to looking like something you would NOT want to meet up with!

  2. He's gonna look really mean once I'm done with him! Muahahahaha! >:) I'm also going to add some long spikes along his back... It'll give him a bit of a porcupine look. You won't want this kitty to rub up against you! LMAO!

    What colour do you reckon would be nice? D suggested the plain old green or bronze colours... I reckon a very dark purplish black would make his glowing red eyes stand out like mad. The horns will be painted a bone-white colour, and the claws will be black. Whadyareckon?

  3. Well I imagined him as a metallic green, but I have little imagination when it comes to creative endeavors. I say go with what your gut tells you!


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