Sunday, December 11, 2011

Word up

Just a quick entry to let y'all know that all is not well in our neck of the woods. It seems there is an epidemic of "XYZ" virus going around and hubby and I have unfortunately fell victim to it, although, he's in much better nick than I am! I've been dragging this thing for weeks, and it's not getting any better. It's ludicrous... This feels like an encore presentation of last year's bronchitis. I've actually had to use my puffer several times to counteract a bad case of asthma attack. My chest feels heavy (like an elephant sitting on it), I can't breathe deeply without coughing, my trachea and lungs are burning, and I have the constant feeling that I'm going to choke on fluid that's threatening to go down the windpipe. Initially, I thought I may have a bad case of allergies with a flare-up of asthma, but now D is also coughing and has crap going down his gullet. Two of my neighbours out the back have been coughing like they have consumptions for days... What the heck is going around, here!?!?! This isn't helping my down and blue mood! :(


  1. Alright, this is not a holiday tradition I want you guys to repeat! If it's truly a virus, I don't suppose there's anything y'all can take, but if you do run fever, you might have a secondary infection, so please BOTH of you go see the doc! Hugs and good health wishes to the Beasley clan.

  2. Thanks soulsis! We're both finally feeling a bit better today. That weird burning feeling in my trachea has somewhat subsided... I can take a deep breath without coughing up a lung. Still left clueless as to what it's all about.

    Speaking of viruses... I hope you've solved your computer issues. I dunno why some people create such havoc for others! Can't they use their computer skills for something productive and intelligent!? >:(


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