Sunday, December 18, 2011

Medieval crash course

Anyone who knows me well know that I have a fascination and love of dragons. Heck! I married a Dragon man (according to Chinese astrology!) Now, I don't pretend to be an expert on dragons, but I do know a fair bit about their mythology. There is one common misconception about them that cheeses me off, and I'm gonna set the record straight, once and for all.

This is an occidental dragon

This is an oriental dragon

And this is a medieval dragon


Folks... Meet the wyvern. This is a common mistake people make. And before jumping down my throat and calling me pedantic, I didn't "invent" nor name those creatures... People of the medieval era did. To call a dragon a wyvern and vice versa would've been considered absolute ignorance and stupidity. These two different creatures were commonly used as heraldic emblems, and to interchange them on a shield or coat of arms was criminal. So people... A shovel and a hoe are two different things, even though they are both garden tools and serve somewhat similar purposes. And here I was... Running around Skyrim, killing all the wyvern I encountered!! I thought the Greybeards said I was dragonborn, not wyvernborn!

And now, without further ado, here is my latest art project in the making; a papier mâché sculpture of a wyvern.


  1. Awesome wyvern (with TWO legs)! :)
    The cats might freak out to see that thing swooping down when you finish it -lol. So will you bake the clay then glue it on? You may be able to use some kind of stiff taffeta or other cloth if you can't use tissue. I haven't done any paper mache since I made huge boulders for one of C's birthday parties (I create "Firefly Forest).

  2. LOL! Mia already has a "big round eyes" fascination about it. I don't think she's afraid, though... More mesmerised than anything.

    The "clay" I am referring to in the video is a kind of papier mâché mixture created from toilet paper, white glue, flour, joint filler and linseed oil. It's not something you bake, per say... It spreads on the frame like cake frosting but air-dries to a solid finish, like regular papier mâché. Check out Jonni's website for all the info.


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