Saturday, December 17, 2011

F*** it!

True to my personal motto, I decided to say "f*** it" to my illness and carry on as if it wasn't there. I was either going to end up in the hospital, sicker than ever  but finally getting some much needed answers, or my immunity would perk up and the damn thing was going to fizzle out. I guess the latter option occurred. I am somewhat feeling better, and I do attribute it to a jazzed up nutrition which includes super foods such as chlorella and olive leaf extract, and good quality "eco" and organic foods. I've decided not to focus on weight loss for the moment, but more on making sure I get a broad range of foods into my diet. As for exercising, that's shelved until breathing becomes more normal and not painful. I have noticed that my muscle tone is completely gone... Flabby as a flag in the wind! :( I hate it, but what can I do. Baby steps I guess.

On a different note, I have been keeping busy with some random art projects. Yes... I will eventually come around to making a reading using the skull oracle. ;) But right now, I am engrossed in a new "baby" that is coming along nicely. Here are a couple of sites I came across that inspired me to create this project.

When you get the chance, do give them a visit... You won't be sorry! You might even be inspired as I have been to try out your hand at this very old art form. :) As for the subject of my creation, I will only give a hint, but it's a big one to those who know the game... "Skyrim". Have fun guessing! ;)

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