Saturday, November 19, 2011


Summer is nearly here, and so is the eternal annoyance of shaving, so I finally decided to buy myself an epilator; the Braun Silk-epil 7681 wet & dry. I already sport two tattoos so I figured it couldn't be any more painful. So after waiting for some decent hair growth, I mustered up the courage to use it today. The legs went okay. "No big deal", I thought to myself, so I pushed my luck further and decided to do the armpits as well. OMFG!!! Not for the faint hearted!! Blood bath anyone!?!? You see... When you use an epilator, you must make sure the skin is taught and stretched otherwise, the blades can shred your skin (I learnt that the hard way). Ever tried to pull the skin in your armpits with one hand!? Not an easy task. I managed to finish both arms, but my right armpit looks like it's been mauled with a dull butter knife! Ouch! :( My husband thought I was an absolute nut job when I also did the bikini line. Surprisingly enough, that didn't hurt much! Perhaps it is like tattoos; the more fatty padding you have in a given area, the less painful it is.

While I'm on the subject of pain and torture, my dear hubby bought me the long awaited RPG game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim along with the official game guide. Thing is... I am NOT allowed to install nor play the game on my PC until Xmas, but I am allowed to read the guide book. How bloody cruel! :( The more I rummage through the book, see the graphics, the images, the quests and whatnot, the more I am DYING to play the damn thing. Between hubby and the epilator, I reckon the latter is less cruel.


  1. I vote for the epilator as being more cruel! I had one when they first came out - they didn't have blades, they had coils which literally caught and pulled hairs out by the root. Mine got use ONCE!

  2. LOL! :) The new ones are no different, soulsis... They have these little rotary disks that grab and yank the hairs out. Honestly, it's no worst than getting a tattoo (I find it less painful, actually). The problem with epilators is that you're more prone to get ingrown hairs afterwards, so you gotta exfoliate like mad. Hey! I already do, so I'm just gonna increase the treatments as a prevention.

  3. I have had too many painful, sticky experiences with hair removal. I've given up and stick with my cheap razors now. Armpits... ouch, ouch and more ouch! Ouch! (I think I tried the epilator about once, too, as a yute.) Ouch! And my tattoo hurt like a SOB... indescribably painful. Maybe I'm just a wuss. :D

  4. It's official then... I truly am a masochist! Bwahahahaha! :D


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