Thursday, November 17, 2011

The art of relaxation

Hubby's aunt emailed me these pics today... Too good not to share. :) Cats have a few important lessons to teach us, one of them being the art of relaxation.


  1. Too funny, but so true! Anything that doesn't move (and preferably is in some sunlight) qualifies for a sleeping spot. The "pot sitter" reminds me of Streak; she used to kill all my begonias because she would sit on them. Cloud... well I could see him on that deer head - lol!

  2. Or even a human willing to be sat or sprawled on will do nicely! LOL! :D
    An Angel on my shoulder

  3. Those are ace! :D Crazy cats. In the hangers... hhahaahahaa.

  4. Yeah... I dunno how that one managed to pull that stunt! LOL! :D


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