Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They're heeeeeere!

No, not poltergeists (unlike my fellow blogger Carrie, who seems to be in the midst of some demonic home invasion of the amphibian kind), my Touch Twin markers, that is! :) I'm so happy! So many gorgeous colours! Now, I am not restricted to any particular kind of species of birds due to lack of colours. The sky is the creative limit! The sad part is, I just don't have enough bone to make a decent swatch for the markets, so I need an alternative pronto. I'm off to Lazarides timber agency this arvo to see what I can suss out. Apparently, they have some ivory substitute made of resin that looks very much like a perfect substitute. Hopefully, my solution is within reach. Will keep you all posted.


  1. Hehehheee! All I can say is... DROOOOOOOOOL! (I already get excited about stationary, and those are reminding me of my magic markers on steroids). And good luck. :D

  2. Thanks Carrie. Unfortunately, the ivory substitute costs a mint! 88$ per kilos. I think real ivory would be cheaper (if it wasn't illegal!) It's okay... I found a plastic alternative that's cheaper. I've ordered the material today and should get it either Friday or next Monday. Hopefully, if this works out, it'll be mass production made the easy way! Plastic fantastic all the way, baby!!


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