Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer's here! :)

Finally... After the weird topsy-turvy weather we've had, I can officially proclaim that summer has reached Oz!! :D Nice 25C (77F) to 28C (82F) balmy days with the humidity hovering in the 60% is what I like, and that's what we're currently getting.... Simply beautiful! Nothing better on those lovely sultry days than to kick back with a cold pint (I blame my friend for getting me hooked on this velvety golden Polish beer!) And of course... No serious beer aficionado would be caught dead without their very own pewter tankard to enjoy their favourite drink. :) Cheers everyone!

Love my wyvern tankard! :)


  1. *droooooooool!* I love that tankard. And of course you have to fill'im with beer. Can't be neglectful to the little guy now. :D

    It's so strange to hear your summer setting in as we reach our cold season. Neat though. Maybe some of those warm vibes will rub off on me!

  2. And LOTS of rain too! Apparently, we're suppose to have an encore presentation of last year... La Nina is gonna wreck havoc with lots of rain, flooding and cyclones!!! Yikes!!! :(

  3. Very cool tankard! Does it help keep the beer cold?

  4. Soulsis... I wish it did! It would make it a really "cool" tankard AND, practical in our steamy Queensland summers!


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