Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo

Another one finished. :)

Frame is Australian red cedar.


  1. Wow. How many of these are you making? I posted an award for you, btw. To do with as you wish, in terms of passing it on, or not, if you're too busy. Just wanted to send a little love your way.

    And btw... I love the pie butcherbird pendant. I like how it's b&w against the blue. Really lovely.

    As for the cats all over your computer... LOL! My cat will lay over my laptop, or right on the grocery flyers we're reading. Yep, they definitely know how to get your attention!

  2. These are just gorgeous! You're soooo talented!
    p.s. CarrieBoo sent me ;)

  3. Seeing which pendant you complete each week is like watching a weekly draw with an oracle card! Speaking of which, do you think you'll do a little card about each bird to put with the pendants you sell? The blue background is lovely and really sets off the yellow and white of the cockatoo. Alright, off to the market with you to buy some more bone... your followers are waiting! :)

  4. Hey Carrie! I'm trying to make a swatch of 20 to 30 to sell at our local markets. I'm hoping to have enough, and just in time, for Xmas.

    Yes... My cats do like to keep me on my toes. :)

    Austan... Thank you soooo much, luv! *BLUSH* Means a lot to me. :)

    Bev... You've given me ideas for my next oracle!!! ;D I just need to find the time to fit it all in. Been so durn busy lately. Can't say I'm complaining. Sometimes, not having time to sit and think obsessively about XYZ issues is a godsend. Now... Gotta go to the butchers and get me some more beef femurs. ;)

  5. Busy is good for sure. And hahah... I know your name now! :D Carole. Oh, good luck with the market idea. That would be wonderful. And great idea from Sycamore to have a card with the pendants. You go girl!


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