Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And so I pay the price

What is the cost of good health? Pain... Apparently. Lots of it! Here I was, back on track, doing my exercises and watching what I eat, slowly melting away the kilos, and how do I get repaid? With a bad injury! Yes... Yours-truly managed to tear her abdominal muscle while doing sit-ups this afternoon. It's the kind of pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. All I remember was hoisting myself upright on the first sit-up, and feeling this excruciatingly sharp pain in my left side. It was so painful that all I could do was collapse back down unto the ground and roll around in agony. Sitting for too long is painful, getting up from a chair is painful, sitting up in bed is impossible, and as for raising my legs or walking, it's shoddy at best, painful at worst! I guess exercises are out of the question until this thing heals. What a setback! Why me God... Why me!! :(


  1. Very Gentle ((((((hugs)))))

    I'm so sorry to hear about your injury :( Is it something that will heal on it's own, or do you need to see a doctor?

    I hope that it heals quickly and that the pain subsides even more quickly.

    More extremely gentle.... actually lets make it an air hug ( ( ( ( Hug ) ) ) )

  2. Oh no! Sods law or what, right when you're trying to get all healthy and take care of yourself. I swear exercise is bad for your health. ;)

    Really sorry luvvie. You've been going great guns lately, too.


  3. Hey faerysis! I don't think I need surgery to reattach the ligament... I just need rest. Like my uncle use to say (he was a doctor) "if after three days it hasn't improved, haul your ass to the doc". Air hug right back at ya, hun! :) ( ( ( ( Hug ) ) ) )

    Hey Carrie! Yeah... How friggen frustrating! I was doing soooo good! Why is it that it all has to go to Shitsville when thing finally improve!? It's that damn juju frog of yours... I told you it cursed me!!! LOL! ;) xoxo

  4. How's that saying go - "No good deed (or healthy habit) goes unpunished."
    I imagine the stomach muscle is like the back - every time you move your trunk you use them - ouch! :( Hope you heal soon! (((soulsis)))

  5. Soulsis... Abs are indeed like back muscles... I can't bend or twist without being reminded of this damn injury! It is feeling better today, though, so finger crossed it should heal fast enough. :)


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