Friday, September 02, 2011

What a week!

Bloody glad it's over.
  • Monday: Get woken up by Angel doing her little kneading-nursing... On my boobs!! It hurt. Discovered reason for pain... Massive lump in left breast. Appointment taken early in the morning, I get to see my doc ASAP. She sends me off for a mammography, sonogram and possible FNA. Awaiting oracle deck impatiently, but no go. Computer not starting... Boot sector is corrupt. Must reinstall Lion.
  • Tuesday: Show up at X-ray clinic. Poor boobs get maimed into all sorts of contraption. Get sonogram done. Also discover I have many smaller lumps in right breast which explains the pain. Turns out they are fluid filled cysts. Doc decided to do FNA on larger lump in left breast. Drains one whole syringe of yucky brown fluid. Still awaiting oracle deck and yet, no go still.
  • Wednesday: Run around franticly, cleaning the house. Mayhap my new friend might drop in. Wanna make good first impression.  Hurt my back and knees doing so. Boobs are sore as buggery and have bad bruise on left one. Notice weird flashes of light and floating spots in left eye. Still no friggen deck in sight!
  • Thursday: Probably the only happy redeeming day of the week... I finally get to meet Fran and give her the lorikeet pendant. She loved it! Got gifted a lovely bouquet of chrysanthemums and an agate pendant. Chit-chat and coffee, then another one back at my place. Deck finally arrives. Great day! :) Flashes in left eye are now getting more noticeable.
  • Friday: Went hunting for some gear for commissioned capsule-pendants and found it at Jaycar. Went to pick up X-rays and results at my doc. Biopsy reveals non-malignant cells. Told her about the floaties. She gives me a paper to get an appointment with a specialist eye doctor. Get told not to fuck around with such thing as the retina is slowly detaching itself and if it tears, I could go blind. All in all, a wonderful week. Let's do this again, shall we!!
P.S. I posted a review video of Mickie's deck on my Mystical Link blog. Don't mind the tongue-in-cheek humour... I've been in a weird mood for a while.


  1. Poor soulsis! On top of all the health stuff, you have to go through a mammogram and biopsy! (((C))) Did they tell you to lay off caffeine? I have heard that many people who have this problem have to give it up. I am SO relieved that the tests came back okay!!!
    I'm glad you had F to visit and keep you occupied while you waited for all the results (the waiting is as bad as the rest I think).
    Off to check out the cards!

  2. ((((Soulsis)))) I'm okay, luv! Also very relieved it was benign.
    Dang!!! No wonder it looked like coffee!! Brown and all murky! LMAO! ;D
    The only thing they said to me was that it was most likely caused by getting ageing and changing hormones. They also said that in all likeliness, it may come back. :( Bugger!!

  3. Did you get to the eye doctor yet?

  4. Not yet... I'll need to take an appointment come Monday morning.

  5. Please let me know what the doc says. (((Soulsis))) I have "floaters" that are small specks, but they are from aging, but I don't have any flashing lights.

  6. Will do, soulsis! I also have floaters (and other weird looking "hairs" floating around in my field of vision), but the reason my retina is tearing is because I'm so very nearsighted and the shape of my eyeball is like a football... So it's very stretched!!


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