Monday, September 19, 2011

Shotgun project

I've just achieved a new personal record... I've managed to finish a project that would've normally taken me a week in only three days. I was pressed for time as this is a gift for a friend, and I am seeing her tomorrow. My friend has recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hands. My mum also suffered from painful joints all her life, and I remember her using Chinese baoding balls to help with the pain and promote circulation. Last weekend, I purchased some of these balls for my friend, but strangely enough, they didn't come with a box or container. So, I decided to make one up for her. I used the last bit of Queensland walnut I had left, and it was "just" enough. :) The yin/yang design is an inlay made of mother-of-pearl and sodalite. The lotus petals are painted with gold leaf paint, and the red circle is simple Touch Twin marker (love my markers!) :) Inside is a piece of styrofoam with two hollows cut out for the balls to sit neatly in. I've covered it with a piece of black velvet so it's clean and tidy. I used escutcheon nails to make it look like a little treasure chest. All in all, it ties in well with the colours and design, and it also makes it structurally stronger. Now, if you please excuse me while I go pass out of shear exhaustion.


  1. Wowzer! That is a beauty of a box! The inlay is gorgeous (love the Tao symbol, and I love blue stones). How in the world did you ever get two perfect divots in the styrofoam? Do you remember my stint with cutting the stuff - looked like a dang snowstorm in my house! Hugs to F with her diagnosis. Tell her to keep moving and find some Zen oil.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! Amazing what you can get done with a deadline. What a wonderful present.

  3. @ Bev

    Thanks luv! :) That inlay gave me a lot of grief (sodalite is harder than it looks!) Ah yes... styrofoam! Hate the stuff with a vengeance! I do remember your "snow storm of the century" you created in your lounge room. In order to cut the foam without a mess, I used my bandsaw (rapid cutting movement with a sharp blade is the key). As for the divots, I used my bench press with a 1" Forstener bit. It made a clean cut through. :)

    @ Carrie
    Thanks you, hun! It strange, but I seem to work best under pressure (as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, that is... And no audience, PLEASE!!) ;)


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