Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's our anniversary today! :)

Eleven years already! You know what they say... Time flies when you're having fun! :) I do hope the day will progress on a much sweeter note as it started off on a sour one. No... Not with hubby. He's been nothing but kind, attentive and loving. My gripe is with my local hair salon. I normally get my hair cut there as it is quite affordable, and the ladies that normally do my hair are very competent. NOT TODAY! On this very special day, where I wanted to surprise hubby with a lovely trim, I ended up getting the employee who's a few cards short of a full deck. Why, oh why would you aspire to being a hairstylist when you have zero sense of style?

As per usual, I sat down with a photo of myself sporting said-haircut, and asked her to duplicate it. It's a very easy haircut... A barber could do it! Straightforward layering on top blending into a number 5 blade below the ears towards the neck. Simple! I clearly said to her, "it's a short Mia Farrow hairdo, so keep it feminine... No square cuts around the ears or lopping off the widow's peak on my neck". Result: I came home with my hair too long on top, VERY short and lopsided in the back, with my widow's peak half butchered off (I didn't stop her fast enough with that damn shaver!!), and uneven sideburns around the ears that have been trimmed way too short. I'm just so angry! >:( Hopefully, in a weeks time, it will regrow and blend in so this mess will slowly fade away. Usually, I don't ask for a specific hairstylist by name because they know me, they know my cut and they do a great job. Rest assured though that after this experience, there is one specific person that will be requested by name... To stay away from my head!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you two have a wonderful day together!
    Big hug for the haircut... That's why I've been cutting my own for over ten years now. I just couldn't see paying someone money to make things worse.

  2. Oh no! There's nothing worse than having your head butchered by a hairdresser... and actually having to fork over cash for it! And on your anniversary! I cut my own hair, too. And hubbie's and Roz's. It's been a bit of trial and error on my head, but at least I could mess my own hair up for free. ;)
    Well, maybe you can wear a hat for your anniversary. Hmmm! Mega congrats on 11 years!!! That's awesome possum. This will make you laugh one day soon. I am sure. Ah dear. (And love the poker cat, btw.)

  3. Happy Anniversary for yesterday! Did you end up having a good day? Did you do anything to celebrate yesterday or last night?

    Bummer about the hair cut. I think that is part of the reason that I didn't continue with my hairdressing apprenticeship when I was 15/16, couldn't stand the thought that I may accidentally mess up someones hair. The last haircut I got was by a trainee, she was so nervous that the cut took hours to do, she made a mistake but it worked out okay as I asked her to make it shorter. I'm in desperate need of a hair cut at the moment. It is getting too long and the weight is hurting my neck. I think the fact that the last cut took so long (which of cause also hurt my neck) has put me off getting it cut, but having said that it's got to happen soon...

    I hope you have a lovely day.



    ps Little Ruby is doing quite well at the moment, she is stable for now :)

  4. @ Bev

    Thanks soulsis. :) I so wish I could cut my own hair... Or that hubby could do mine! I cut his hair and we save a bundle that way. Even the barbers are pricey here!

    @ Carrie

    Thanks luv! :) My husband should be canonised as a saint to have put up this long with me! LOL! I know I wouldn't! ;)

    @ Ariel

    We had a fab night. Went to Gilhooley's Irish pub for some grub, and then went to the movies and saw Johnny English Reborn. Rowan Atkinson is just so bloody funny! Gotta love that plastic face of his. :) You really should get a haircut, luv... You don't wanna aggravate that neck injury. :( (((hugs)))


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