Monday, September 12, 2011

Haggard eyes

I managed to speed up my appointment with the ophthalmologist. I was booked in for the 29th of September, but after ringing them back this morning and mentioning what my doc had said about retinal detachment and possible blindness, they bent over backwards to get me in today!! The technician put some dilating drops in my eye and when the doc came out to see me, it was too soon... The drops had not done their job. So what does he do? He shoves an extra dose in my eyes!!! This was at 10:30am this morning... It is now 5:15pm and I still look like I'm high on LSD, walking around with my sunglasses in the house (why am I reminded of an old Corey Hart song!?) The good news is that it's all good. My poor left eye is suffering the same fate as my right one; PVD (or post vitreous detachment). I was told it was fine, but to keep an eye out (bad pun) for extra "floaters". If more appear, I should come back ASAP, otherwise all is fine and the annoyances of flashes, floaters and blurriness could last up to 6 weeks, at which time I should return for a follow up.

My best impression of "deer in the headlight" look.


  1. I'm so glad your eyes got a good check-up - and the dilated pupils look pretty cool! When my mom had cataract surgery (they only do one eye at a time), she walked around all day with one HUGE pupil and one tiny pinprick one. It was very disconcerting, especially since her eyes are a very light blue color!

  2. Would you believe... It's now Tuesday morning, nearly 8:00am, and my eyes are STILL not back to normal? o_O What exactly did the doc mean when he said "should be back to normal in about 6 weeks time?" LOL!

    Yes, that would've looked awesomely freaky! :) How's you mum doing? When is she due to get her second eye done?

  3. Hi Matey, good to hear that you got to see the specialist and that your retina is still intact.

    Hope your pupils get back to normal soon :)



  4. Hey luv!

    Yup! Looks like "lefty" went the same way as "righty". Stuck with floaters in both eyes now, but at least there's no damage. :)



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