Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Full moon

Last night, my eyes were still so hugely dilated that I got to experience how my cats see at night. I was blessed by the light of a full moon too, which made it all the more awesome! The moon was so blindingly bright that it was like a small sun... I couldn't stare at it for long without my eyes watering. I could see our yard so clearly, like someone was shinning a 2000W spotlight out there. I tell ya... If my eyes could normally dilate to their maximum capacity as they were last night, I believe I'd be a night creature. What a fun experience that was. :)

I took a few pics of the moon from our back yard. I increased the exposure so y'all can get a feel of what/how I was seeing last night.


  1. Wow, I'm going to have to make my mom go outside when she has her next surgery and see if she can see better at night! I never thought of that benefit to having your eyes dilated. :)
    Awesome pictures with the clouds around the moon...

  2. I have to say that I have made a point of going outside to look at the moon this last three or four nights. It has been incredibly bright, probably the brightes I have ever seen it in my life. Just like you I was sorely tempted to take pictures but decided against in the end.

    Even tonight it is incredibly bright once again, so much so I'm off to have a little look again!


  3. @ Bev,

    Thanks luv! It's so hard to get decent night pics. You have to increase the exposure and keep everything steady. It's blurry because the clouds were moving so fast! Not much I can do about them. :) LOL! Yes... Do get your mum to check out the night vision when she has her other eye done... It's cool! Mind you, her eye needs to still be fully dilated to get the effect. My eyes have just finally returned to normal this morning! I'm telling ya... That doc went overboard with these drops. Two days of blurriness!?!? Geesh!

    @ Rory
    Not sure why it is so bright. Even hubby was complaining that someone should turn off the spotlight, last night... That he couldn't sleep. Told him he needs to get is butt on a rocket to do so! ;) LOL!


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