Friday, September 30, 2011

Eastern Rosella

This one gave me a lot of grief! I had issues while boring out the shape for the bone (you can tell there is a small gap at the bottom left hand side). When I went to glue the cameo in the frame, it ended up with some epoxy on top which I tried to wipe off... Bad mistake! The clear seal came off while scrubbing it clean. So I ended up removing the whole shebang, having to recolour the bird and resealing it after it was glued in the frame (which was very difficult). But... I managed to salvage it. :)

Wooden frame is camphor laurel.


  1. Turned out great, even with the "redo"! So how do you decide which type of wood to use for each pendant?

  2. Hmmm... I normally go by colour (what would look best), but the wood also has a say in it, so I listen to what my intuition tells me, ;)


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