Sunday, September 04, 2011

Business card

Finally finished my durn business card. Hubby insistingly suggested that I kept it very generic and not focus on any one type of art form, hence the "fine arts & crafts" description. Lemme know what you think of it, guys... I'm open to suggestions. :)


  1. You might get some interesting requests with the "seductive" part in there - lol!
    I like the name and how you incorporated the owl into it. :)

  2. My thoughts exactly, luv! Tell that to my dear hubby! :)

  3. Our society has been so soaked in the "sex sells" media that its hard not to think that way even if that's not the intention.
    I'll throw out some ideas to chew on:
    Blueprints of Nature
    Nature's Delights
    Earthy Inventions
    Earthy Enterprises

  4. About the eye symptoms... Please read this (see Symptoms and Diagnosis) especially the part where it says that only a doctor can tell the difference between PVD and a retinal tear!
    (Please go see the eye doc!)

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, hun! :) I like the word Earthy... Maybe Earthy Crafts, or Nature Designs. Dunno... I'll mull it over in my head.
    As for the PVD, I know I "should" get it checked out... Just as a measure of security. I'm just not fond of the whole procedure. It doesn't help that I have a husband who keeps saying to me "wait and see"... Perhaps he should rephrase it to "wait and don't see!" >:(

  6. One more for consideration:
    Earth Inspirations :)

  7. Woops, that should have been "Earth Inspirations"!

  8. Okay, what the heck is going on?!
    with a "Y"

  9. You forgot to mention "Y". (Bad pun!) LOL! ;)


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