Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black swan

Just another pendant I've finished. This one is of a black swan; a bird commonly found at Herdsman Lake in Perth. I had the privilege of feeding these impressive and majestic birds while we were visiting over there. They can be quite bold and aggressive! One of them had the gall of "goosing" me and grabbing the bread bag out of my hands! Dominant birds will assert their position by hissing loudly and lowering their heads in an aggressive stance. The funny thing is, when the Brits first came to Oz, they couldn't believe there was such a thing as a black swan. Swans are normally white birds! They truly are beautiful birds. I was lucky enough that one of them "gifted" me with one of its white flight feathers (they do have a few white ones on their wings). I still have it to this day. I have hollowed out the stem and inserted a ball point pen in it, making it a writing quill "à la Harry Potter". :)

The wood is New Guinea rosewood


  1. Wow! The pendant is beautiful!

    I hope things are settling down for you.



    ps Ruby is still going strong. She was even running and trying to play the other day. She is a fighter, that's for sure.

  2. Lovely! We've had a few black swans show up at some of the lakes here. Regardless of their color, they can be VERY aggressive!

  3. Hello! Popping on while my head isn't all foggy... that is such a lovely job you've done. I have a photo of black swans taken when I last visited England, at Harewood House, in their bird garden. Yep, we were all oohing and aahing. :D

  4. @ Ariel
    Thanks luv! :) Yes... Things are finally settling down for me. How 'bout you, hun? Still swamped with work? Yes... Little Ruby is a trooper. Never underestimate the power of Mighty Dog!! ;)

    @ Bev
    Yes... Swans look very placid, but woe to those who ignore that sharp beak and those very large, powerful wings! They can bowl a man over with those flappers! :(

    @ Carrie
    So the Poms love 'em so much they brought some back to Bonny Ol' England, hey? :) What's with the brainfog, luv? :(


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