Friday, August 05, 2011

Slow down!

I'm so annoyed of being struck down with this damn virus! I had finally found the solution to my fiddle issues and was well on the way of fixing and finishing the durn thing when I had to come down with this lurgy. It's so frustrating! I want to keep working on it, but I feel so drained and lethargic that I don't have the energy nor focus to do so. So there it sits patiently... In my workshop... The epoxy curing away while I try to cure myself. **SIGH** I feel like a tiger pumped up with valium and chained up inside a cage. The more I thought about the imposed restriction this viral infection has over me, the more aggro I got... Until my girls woke me up to the reality of what healing and resting is all about.

Early this morning, all was quiet in the house; hubby had gone to work and I was stuck shuffling my sorry bum around, trying not to go stir crazy from angst and illness. The silence was deafening; unusual when you have two 8 months old kittens. The lack of "kitten craziness" had me a bit perplexed, so I went looking for the missing felines. I found my two sweethearts in the computer room, resting in the tiniest little patch of sunshine available, and then it hit me; my two, normally hyperactive cats, were resting and keeping themselves warm, acting unusually calm and tame. Could they sense I was feeling sick and needed some peace and quiet? I know my two devils, and I do believe they empathically picked up on my illness and decided to "show" mum what to do when you feel crook; you do not pace around like a caged tiger and curse the sickness from keeping you away from your work... You slow down, keep warm, rest and take time to heal. The world will not collapse unto itself because I'm taking some time off, and my project will not spontaneously combust because I put it aside. If anything, the people around me might find me a bit more pleasant to be around, even while being sick, if I stop being so stubborn and jaded and choose to slow down and take care of myself during this time of duress. Cats are such good teachers, and yet, they do not speak... They don't need to, their behaviour alone speaks volume!


  1. Smart kitties... :) I hope you take their advice!

  2. I sure am, soulsis... I'm gonna turn it down several notch until I'm well and truly over this thing. Hubby and I are sick of being sick!


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