Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More visitors

Since being on this roller-coaster illness, it seems all I do is sit around, look out of my computer room window and catch glimpses of our local avian neighbours. Here's another friendly couple that dropped in for a visit... These are Australian Wood Ducks. The bloke is the fella on the right, the missus is on the left.


  1. Lovely brown and cream speckled chests on those two! I was grocery shopping at Publix this morning when I saw two young mallards waddling around in the parking lot. I tried to tell them there was not water around (only asphalt), but maybe they were hoping to nick some breadcrumbs from someone!
    I'm so sorry you and Dave are still riding the health rollercoaster. Have they drawn any blood from the two of you to see if there was an infection going on? Please promise to go back to the doctor if either one of you starts running a high fever!

  2. Those guys are cute. You're getting some good photos. Really sorry to hear you and hubby are still down. Your water supply is okay, right? You take care.

  3. Soulsis... D had some bloodwork done and besides for the higher levels of leucocytes, he's as healthy as a work horse. I didn't have any blood tests but I reckon I'm following in his footsteps... It's just a nasty, antibiotic resistant virus that just will not give up!!

    Carrie... If the water supply is tainted, that would explain why the whole of Brissy is in the grips with this infection! I'm starting to wonder myself!!!


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