Thursday, August 04, 2011

I've joined the club

The club of the sickies, that is! Yup! Seems I've picked up a nasty virus... Sort of what like hubby's had for weeks. Let's hope it's not another round of bronchitis... I don't need it! Speaking of clubs, our girls have joined a club of their own... A feline fight club! ;) They're just playing, but it does look bad (to us humans, anyway). Cats will be cats!


  1. Hope you just have a cold and not bronchitis (((C))).
    Those two really have fun, don't they? I got tickled at Angel - she seemed to go to her "corner" in the ring after each attack, lol! Of course if they were really serious, I know that Mia wouldn't lay there on her back the whole time!

  2. Thanks (((soulsis))), but it looks like I'm heading down the same path as D did... Same symptoms, same development. :(
    Those two are truly ratbags! :) What has me laughing my head off is how Mia is so expressive with her ears... Pinned to her head like a little fury, and yet, she's full of bluff. LOL!


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