Monday, August 15, 2011


Another common avian visitor to our backyard... Figbirds. This is a male; easily distinguished by the bright red patches of bare skin next to its eyes, and the bright olive plumage. These pics were taken very early in the morning, in low light, with the sun facing my camera.


  1. When I expand the picture to a larger size, it almost looks like his eye itself is red with a black pupil. We have some beautiful and unusual birds in this world!

  2. That we do! These guys are hilarious... They'll dangle from branches upside down to try and reach the fruits... It's so funny to watch them! :)

  3. What a beauty, Cre8! And hello! *waving with vigor* I hope you're feeling better, and very glad your cats showed you how to soak up the warmth and unwind. Our animals really live for the moment. :)

  4. Welcome back!!! :D ((hug))
    Hope you had a nice relaxing time!!
    My health is up and down at the moment... Hubby and I have caught a really nasty persistent bronchitis virus. It's in epidemic proportion in Australia at the moment. :(

  5. Hugs backatcha! Oh no... you're both suffering. This is a rough'n. You keep warm.


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