Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Backyard visitor

I had just come upstairs to check up on our kitty cats when I happen to spot a new feathery visitor to our backyard. I had only seconds to grab the camera and snap this pic before it flew off, so it's not the best (had to go through the window and mesh-wire, too!) It's a pheasant coucal. They are surprisingly big birds.


  1. Talk about a window of opportunity! Nice pic; and it blends in so well to its surroundings, its a wonder you noticed it.

  2. Nice catch! So fun when you spot a new bird-species right at home. As big as a cat? Sorry to hear about your mystery shiner!

  3. @ Bev
    These guys have excellent camouflage, but they are HUGE! Bigger than a raven, I reckon!

    @ Carrie
    Not quite as big as a cat, but if I was a kitty, I wouldn't wanna tangle with one of these big behemoths! :)


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