Sunday, July 03, 2011

A zippier Mac

Hubby just recently lobotomised the Macbook and installed a solid state drive in it... Boy is it fast! He suggested I do the same with my Macmini, so yesterday, we cracked it open, swapped drives to a new SSD, and reinstalled Snow Leopard. Woo hoo! Is it ever fast... And quiet! There are no moving parts since it's flash. I reckon it's five times faster than what it was. I bought an enclosure for my old drive so I can use it externally. The text on the box left me perplexed. I think they were trying to specify something similar to what's on the SSD box... Quiet, fast and reliable. Gotta love Engrish!! LOL! :D


  1. Those guys must have been using Babelfish for a translator - lol! I've been trying to translate some Italian proverb cards with the same type of results.:)

  2. Yeah! I know what you mean! I had a fun time translating the German Pantheon Oracle online. Some of the phrases it was coming up with were priceless! :D


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