Friday, July 22, 2011

This is it!

Hubby's finally reached the critical point... I'm hauling him to the doc this morning! After days of gurgling out green muck and four nights of attempting to sleep vertically on the couch (and not getting much shut-eye), it's time to drag his ornery, aggro ass to get some much overdue antibiotics. This nurse/grizzly trainer has reached her critical point too! I believe he has a bronchitis or something of the ilk... We'll see what the doc says.


Well... We're back, and none the wiser! He gave him a prescription for antibiotic (as was expected), but NO clear diagnosis. We don't know if it's a cold, a flu, a bronchitis, a virus, etc... He said the antibiotic "might" help... MIGHT!?!? Whatever happened to a proper medical assessment and the medicine to cure it. Nah! Too hard! Nowadays, we just fling antibiotics left and right and hope it fixes you up... Doesn't matter if it's swine flu or ebola!!

**Rant over**


  1. The docs here have gotten very stingy with the antibiotics; if you don't have an honest-to-goodness infection of some kind, you don't get anything. They've finally realized handing them out like candy is NOT a good idea. It does sound like D has something going on though, since it seems to be getting worse instead of better. Hope he feels better soon!
    < It is quite an accomplishment to get a man to the doctor! :) >

  2. Yeah, same here. At some point they stopped giving antibiotics... was creating super bugs, or something. Hope it works for your hubby, this is a long one.

  3. Hey Dave, hope you don't have the same bloody virus I had, but since you at least have antibiotics sooner than I had, it might very well help. I'm praying you get better soon. And Carole try to stay strong, give Dave a big hug for me. See you soon on Skype. Love, Nicole

  4. @ Bev
    You have no idea.... I needed a crowbar to get him out of the house. Why are men such crybabies when they're sick, and when you so much as mention the word "doctor", they perk up and puff up... "Oh! I'm not that sick! I'm tougher than that!" Yeah, right! LOL!

    @ Carrie
    Normally, they're more stingy than that with antibiotics, but this flu season, there are SO many weird bugs going around that I guess they're at a lost as to what to do, what to prescribe.

    @ Mum
    I fear it sounds a LOT like what you had or what I had in Orlando. Some dreaded virus that can't be helped with antibiotics (you need to build an immunity to it) but that can cause secondary infections (hence the pills). He might have to stop working for a long period of time.


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