Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank you all

My mum and I would like to thank everyone that's taken the time to pray, write, call and send us good wishes. My mum is such a trooper. Throughout all the waiting, the stress, the appointment hassles, the poking and prodding, and looking after dad (who also head some very serious health issues recently), she's taking it all in stride. "Let go, let God", she always says. She's even poking fun at the swollen cyst under her arm, calling it "her third boob", even though it is quite painful and annoying. She truly is a survivor. For now, she needs to undergo more tests to see if the cancer has spread further to other organs. She is getting a sonogram on the 15th to have her liver checked. She already knows that the docs are gonna panic because back in 2003, they had discovered some benign cysts. Fingers crossed that they remain so. If the cancer has spread, they warned her that they'd have to remove the lymph nodes and start a course of chemo. Mum refuses to go through such an ordeal. Chemo is hard to go through at any age, and my mum is 73! I can understand why she's balking. She'll be turning 74 on the 14th of August and my parents will also be celebrating their 50th anniversary on the 12th of the same month. Hubby and I so wish we could be there to be with you. Please look after each other. We love you both to bits. (((((HUGS)))))


  1. May these new tests show GOOD results for your mom! Hugs and love to her, you, and your whole family.

  2. Your mum really is a trooper, and what a role model you have.

  3. Thanks guys. I'll keep you updated about mums results. If my blog appears to fall by the wayside for a while, please be patient with me. I just feel very heartsick at the mo'.


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