Friday, July 08, 2011

Splitting hairs

Some of you already know that for some years now, I've been struggling to find out what food, additive or colouring agent might be the cause of all my health issues. I've run the gamut and always come out more confused than ever, and nowhere near a definite answer; lactose intolerance, candida (generalised yeast infection), caffein sensitivity, insulin resistance, and more recently gluten intolerance. I'm still at a lost as to what is the actual issue AND cause. Would the REAL culprit, please stand up before I get accused of being a hypochondriac!!

My good friend Bev suggested I start keeping a food journal so I can keep track of what I eat and drink. Since I'm a techno-geek, I decided to utilise the technology that is available to help me sleuth out the offending party (or parties). After rummaging in the iTune store, I came across THIS little app. Like Bugs Bunny would say; "It's poyfect!" Yes, there truly is an app for everything! :D I'll be pedantically logging in every single thing that I ingest, including all them nasty additives. I might be splitting hairs here, but I reckon that in a few weeks time, I'll know FOR SURE what the cause of all my issue is. I can then eliminate the offending party (parties) out of my diet, start feeling better and live like a normal human being... Well... I use the term "normal" quite loosely here, as there is no such thing in my case! ;)

Since I'm on the subject of splitting hairs, I finally couldn't handle it anymore and got my hair cut today... SHORT! Like I like it. **sigh of relief** Oh what a liberating feeling!!


  1. You might also log where you are emotionally (even if just a written diary). I think that stress can wreak just as much havoc as food sometimes.
    Love the haircut! Since I've had mine short, I don't think I could ever go back to long.

  2. Good luck with your experiments. That's some work. Hey, I can be in the shortie-hair-gang, too! I cut mine short this summer. :D

  3. @ Bev

    I've been logging in the stress, and boy is it full on! Sometimes I think getting my hair cut was a bit dumb... If I had just waited a bit longer, I wouldn't have any hair to worry about! Yup! It's falling out in drove at the moment!

    @ Carrie

    It's already paying off... There's one additive that keeps cropping up on my app as a potential suspect. Will see what happens in the near future.
    Yeah, I tried the long-hair stuff a fair few times, and it just doesn't suit me at all.


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