Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yup! I do believe I have jinxed myself once more because I spilled the beans too early about my woodworking project. First the bandsaw, then the Dremel flexi-shaft... These things cost a mint!! Yes, the steel rod inside the flexi has snapped off today, so it is a total write off. I really didn't need all this added cost, considering I just spent a fortune buying 1kg of horse hair (yes, you read that right, dear readers!) Since the whole project seems to be going tits-up, I may as well screw it up all the way and spill the whole deal... I'm making a spike fiddle; a musical instrument that can be found in many cultures throughout central Asia. Because mine isn't meant to be an accurate reproduction of any particular ethnic instrument, I decided to simply call it a "spike fiddle", although it was heavily influenced by the Mongolia morin khuur and Tuvan igil. Even though I have lost two important tools, I still managed to continue the work (somehow!) I'm nearly finished and will be posting up the result shortly. Stay tuned!


  1. Dang, you need to name this one "The Tower!" When you originally mentioned horsehair, I thought of a fiddle, but I knew you usually enjoy making instruments a little more obscure. Thanks for the links! I'll look forward to seeing the finished product!
    I'm having to use "Anonymous" because LJ has been under attack by hackers (several days now), and the site has been down mostly. ~B

  2. You're a trooper! Can't wait to see your efforts. Sounds very cool.

  3. Good luck hope it all goes well!

    Don't laugh - but when I arrived in Australia to stay forever - I brought only two things with me - My guitar and my Dremel lol...weird I know :)



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