Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good news and a new project

I've finally received some fantastic news about mum's health... The cancer hasn't metastasised through her bones!! **SIGH OF RELIEF** And now... We await results of her liver. Keep those prayers pouring in! :D

Yes... My muse has been haunting me once more, and what a joyful relief it is to welcome her manic influence over me during these stressful times. As for Lynx's recent resurgence into my life, for whatever reason (perhaps he's testing me), I do believe he is asking me to keep quiet about this new project I've been working on. It's going to be incredibly hard, but I promised I would. Never double-cross or break an oath with Lynx... I learnt that the hard way! So, unfortunately for you all, my dear fellow blog readers, I must remain as silent as the elusive Sphinx over the nature of this new project. I will be documenting the whole process through photos and perhaps video clips (if my brain remembers to do so), and will whip up a little movie once it's all done. Wish me luck, be patient, and stay tune! :)


  1. ~Tap, Clickety-clack, Tap, Tap, Clack; Tap, Clickety-clack, Tap, Tap.~ (That's the sound of me doing a happy dance about your mom's news!) I'm so thrilled for her and all of you!
    A mysterious project!? Now I'm really curious... :)

  2. LOL! Luv the little tap dance routine!
    Thanks luv! :) We're all ecstatic about those good news! Let's hope she gets the all clear about the rest of her organs!
    Ah my little minions... You're gonna have to stay tuned to find out what it is. Bwahahahaha! Hopefully, it doesn't decide to go "bone oracle" on me... If you know what I mean! :(


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