Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cherish life

Today, I went down to one of the shops I frequently visit and placed an order for some material needed for my current project. When I asked the bloke behind the counter where Graham was, he said he had passed away this last Monday!! I was shocked, to say the least! Apparently it was quick... An unexpected heart attack. He had taken the day off to go visit his son, and in the evening, he was struck down by a massive coronary. Life is so unexpected... Cherish every second! :(


  1. I'm sure those grieving in Norway would agree with you... :(

  2. I was beyond shocked about what I heard in the news! Dear Lord! If Norway isn't safe, nowhere is! My heart goes out to all those affected by this tragedy.

  3. Glad the guy got to see his son right before. That was something.

    What a waste, eh.

  4. I was quite shocked and saddened by it. This bloke was such a nice fella... Always helpful and absolutely passionate about music. He had nothing but praise and encouragement towards me when I showed him my home-build stuff. :(


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