Thursday, July 07, 2011

Boondall wetlands

Hubby had off today, and it was such a lovely blue sky day that we decided to explore another part of our beloved Nudgee. This time, we didn't go to Nudgee Beach but to the Boondall wetlands, and we walked the Billai Dhagun track. It's only a 2km path but it's nicely wooded and is espoused by waterways that pour out into the ocean... In essence, it's a wetland estuary.

This isn't our regular Tabbil-ban dhagun mangrove boardwalk,
it's the Billai dhagun track in Boondall wetlands.

A lovely wooded path!

The weight training is finally paying off! LOL!


  1. Looks like a lovely wooded area for walking. Did you see any wildlife, or were they all in hibernation? LOVE the picture of you holding up the tree!!!

  2. We mostly saw birds; noisy miners, rainbow lorikeets, ospreys and the like. I think that's mostly what is found there, besides for a few crustaceans and fishes. No roos or koalas (12 years and counting, and I STILL haven't seen one in the wild! LOL!)
    That big red gum was so wickedly crooked that it was an open invitation for a trick photo. :)

  3. Ospreys... nice! And wow, I wouldn't try to arm wrestle you. :D


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