Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bath time

Didn't your mum ever teach you to clean behind your ears?


  1. Big sis knows best... :) So sweet!

  2. I was so lucky the camera was handy at the time... It's hard to capture these two during their quiet, intimate moments. :)

  3. Not a lot of quiet moments with these two, huh? LOL!

  4. Now why can't my pets be like that! They are too cute together.

  5. @ Bev

    Nope! :) Especially lately... I think they're picking up on mommy's "stressed out" vibes.

    @ Carrie

    It wasn't always like that, mate. When we first got them, I thought Mia was gonna tear Angel a new one! But it lasted about a week or two, and now, they're bestest buddies. They even look out for each other. :)


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