Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bandsaw blades are sharp!

I hear you saying... "No shit, Sherlock!" Yeah, these blades will rip through your flesh like Tassie devils on a fresh roadkill. I've had some setbacks with my current project... My bandsaw blade has snapped off and I'm currently awaiting a replacement one. All I remember was turning it on, pushing a block of Queensland walnut through and hearing this God almighty *POP*... Then nothing. I opened the top and bottom doors, and there it was, dangling around the wheels. After a few choice words of French-Canadian expletives, I proceeded to remove the now useless blade... And in the process, my left thumb got mauled. Word of warning... These damn blades are like a spring-loaded barracuda fish, ready to grip everything that gets too close to its teeth.


  1. Ouchy! Sounds painful! Hope it heals quickly and that your replacement blade arrives quickly.



  2. Still waiting for it, faerysis... And to add insult to injury, my Dremel just shat in my face today! :(


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