Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another yucky day

Poor hubby isn't out of the woods yet... Not even close! The lurgy has migrated to his chest (typical for him as it's his weak spot). He stayed up all night, watching movies in the lounge room! Not the best way to rest and recoup, but he simply could not fall asleep because of all the crap pouring down the back of his throat. Another housebound day for him. As for me, I said I wasn't going to work on my project, but my muse's siren song was too loud... The pull was too strong. I did manage to get some work down yesterday, and I'm planing on adding to the progress today. Stay tuned! (Shit! I just gave away a clue!)


  1. Is he too stopped up to use the neti pot? The saline may help soothe his poor throat. Healing, hugs and love to you (((D)))!
    You might have let a clue slip, but I'm still clueless! :)

  2. I think (we hope) he's over the hump of it. Like my uncle use to say "if you're not better after 3 days, go the doc". He may have dodged the need for antibiotic. His head is clear, but he's gurgling in the chest and coughing up green gunk (TMI, I know!) Let's hope he keeps improving.
    As for my new project... It's coming along quite well, but I've now hit the more "fiddly" bits. Damn! Another clue! ;) LOL!


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