Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who’s watching who

Whenever we get the chance, hubby and I love to go for a good healthy walk in the large park that is in our area. It’s also right next to our main shopping complex, so it’s a pleasure to reduce our carbon footprint and leave the car home when we go shopping. Every walk brings about beauty, new discoveries and adventures. On our last walk, we came across this very curious kookaburra. The little fella was so still that if it wasn’t for my keen investigative eye, we would’ve never picked him out of the scenery.

Can you spot the bird?


  1. He camouflages himself well against the backdrop of the animal sign! He's probably hoping his next meal will think he's part of the painting. :)

  2. Ya know... Wouldn’t surprise me if that was his intention. These birds are REALLY smart and switched on!


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